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  • Portugal joins the million-domain club
    Portuguese ccTLD .pt passed one million registrations for the first time earlier this month, said this week. The millionth name was, registered by a local textile machinery company of that name, the registry said. The ccTLD ended 2017 with 976,370 names under management and as of today stands at 1,001,552 names, according to […]
  • Austria to stop publishing most Whois data
    Austrian ccTLD operator will no longer publish any Whois information for individual registrants, in order to comply with incoming EU privacy law. “Natural persons’ data will no longer be published from mid-May 2018,” the company said today. Data concerning legal entities such as companies will continue to be published, it added. The move is […]
  • Data leak security glitch screws up ICANN 61 for thousands
    A security vulnerability forced ICANN to take down its Adobe Connect conferencing service halfway through its ICANN 61 meeting in Puerto Rico. The “potentially serious security issue” could “could possibly lead to the disclosure of the information shared in an ICANN Adobe Connect room”, ICANN said in a pair of statements. Taking down the service […]
  • Donuts Acquires Legacy .Travel Domain Registry
    Andrew and Kevin both covered the acquisition of the .travel TLD by Donuts, which was announced earlier today. What will Donuts do with it? I suspect they’ll try to make it as easy to register a .travel domain name as possible, though they might like to keep some level of “certification”. What that’ll look like […]
  • IE ccTLD Announces Liberalisation Date
    The .ie ccTLD, which is the country code domain name for Ireland has long had very restrictive policies governing registration. Even if you were Irish or had a business based in Ireland registering a domain name in the local country code extension wasn’t straightforward – at least not compared to the ease with which you […]
  • ICANN to Hold Registrar Event in Munich Next Week
    ICANN will be holding an event for registrars in Munich next week. The event, which will take place in the same venue as Domain Pulse, is aimed at new registrars or prospective registrars. The programme which was developed in conjunction with existing registrars and registries is aimed at giving attendees guidance on navigating their relationship […]
  • 3 more dot-brand top level domains to be cut
    Companies decide against operating dot-brand top level domains. Two more companies have requested to cancel their registry contracts with ICANN after abandoning plans to operate their dot-brand top level domain names. Sony Mobile Communications AB has decided to abandon .xperia. Xperia is a line of mobile phones. The company is still releasing phones under this […]
  • Austria’s TLD takes more nuanced approach to GDPR and Whois
    ccTLD will treat personal and corporate data differently. A common interpretation of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that it applies to individuals who live in Europe but not businesses there. Still, most models I’ve seen for Whois compliance post-GDPR treat all types of registrants the same. Austria’s .at top level domain is taking […]
  • Dominion Domains opens up .boats, reengages with traditional registrar channel
    Now anyone can register .boats domains, and the same will be true for Dominion Domains’ other four TLDs. Dominion Domains–the company behind the .boats, .autos, .homes, .yachts and .motorcycles domains–is removing eligibility restrictions on its top level domains and is reengaging with the traditional domain name registrar channel. Eligibility restrictions have already been eliminated on […]
  • Somehow someone accidentally purchased a domain for $8,000 and they don’t want it
    Another interesting thread popped up on Namepros yesterday. A new member basically posted that they bought a domain for $8,000 by accident. They don’t want the name, they would like Sedo to stop threatening legal action as they don’t even $5. On a domain was mistakenly purchased by me but I don’t want that […]
  • Sedo weekly sales led by
    Sedo reported their weekly sales and was the top sale at 45,000 Euros, ($55,754). was number two at 35,000 Euros,($43,364). This name was flipped from last year when it sold for $22,000. 54 .com sales 23 cctld sales 3 other gtld sales There were a few Bitcoin/BlockChain/Crypto names this week., and […]
  • First now looks to have sold
    While checking the whois on some generic industry based names, I noticed that is now at When I type in the name the lander makes me think that Yinan Wang the same buyer of purchased the name. is owned by Yinan. The domain was registered in 1997. Under privacy for years. […]
  • State of Domain Market, Q1 2018 with Drew Rosener & Chris Zuiker
    Would you like to learn more about Q1 fluctuations in the domain name market? Hear expert domain brokers Drew Rosener & Chris Zuiker discuss Chinese domain name investments, 2 and 3 letter .COMs, and how crypto currency domain investments are evolving.
  • NamesCon Fireside Chat: Crypto Meets Domaining
    NamesCon offered valuable insights to domain industry trends,  and crypto currency was a big topic, both on the stage and between all the attendees. Hear experienced brokers Drew Rosener & Jen Sale as they analyze trends and discuss the future in the Crypto Meets Domaining Fireside Chat, hosted by Richard Lau, from Tuesday, January 30th.
  • DomainSherpa Review – Feb 26:,,…
    What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?In this show:• We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,,• An investor's portfolio is appraised:,,• Get your bids in soon for,,• Plus, much more!We're joined by Andrew Rosener, Shane Cultra and Adam Strong.
  • 5 Tools to Develop Your Unique Blogging Style
    I am a huge believer in blogging and genuinely feel that one of the best possible ways to create a social community is by setting up your own blog. Blogging is a great way to get your name out there and to begin building yourself up as an authority. But how to find your own... […]
  • 10 Content Marketing Ideas For The Holiday Season
    I realize that it isn’t even Fall yet and you are probably rolling your eyes right now. Holiday content marketing ideas? Why would I be jumping into the festive season so soon? Personally, I think it is a good idea to prepare for the holiday season as soon as possible, because it is one of... […]
  • 8 Action-Driven Visual Marketing Tactics to Start Trying Today
    Visual marketing is a necessary element to an overall productive marketing strategy today. In a world where we are competing with non-stop, live updated content, you have little choice but to try and catch the skimmer’s eye and get across a point as quickly as possible. If you are trying to improve your visual marketing... […]
  • #Domain brands and #trademarks : What to do, how to do it
    When it comes down to trademarking your brand, and its matching online address, the domain name, there are good and bad approaches. Quite often, domain investors might want to preserve a valuable domain by registering it as a trademark. That, might not be the best approach, however. When you attempt to register the .com, other […]
  • Buckley Media Group brokers two letter #domain
    Buckley Media Group, the domain brokerage business of Kate Buckley, has listed on its exclusive domain inventory. Registered in 1996, the premium two letter domain is part of an elite group of only 676 combinations. The letter ‘Q’ is definitely appreciated by the Chinese. Kate Buckley announced the availability of yesterday: “ now […]
  • : Aged LLL .com in the next big #domain auction by Toys ‘R’ Us?
    Toys ‘R’ Us is closing its doors, sending its 31,000 employees into unemployment; meanwhile, the former toy giant will be filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. That means, that all corporate assets will be sold in order to pay off as much debt as possible. Employees get nothing, and that doesn’t come as a surprise. […]